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5eMagic Digital Toolset for 5th Edition

Welcome to 5eMagic, the digital toolset for 5th Edition DMs and players featuring our Magic Shop Inventory Generator with Sane Prices.

Whether you play online or offline, digital tools can do a lot to enhance your gameplay experience. You'll find a few tools here at 5eMagic, and each one is designed and built by a regular DM. Most folks here enjoy how easy it is to generate a magic item shop quickly, but be sure to check out the other tools we provide below. And check back often; more are coming.

To learn more about how 5eMagic got started, check out the About Us page.

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Magic Shop

Magic Shop Generator

Quickly generate a shop inventory of magic (or mundane) items with prices. Adjust by shop size, types of items sold, and markup percentage (or markdown if you've got a persuasive bard).

Magic Shops

Wizard Spellbook Generator

Your NPC spellcaster just died? Quickly generate and save spellbooks that you can share with your wizard player. For fun, though, set it to a language your PC doesn't know.

Glowing Arcane Circle

Teleportation Circle Generator

A handy tool for visualizing all the arcane circles (for teleportation, protection, and more) in your world.

Teleportation Circles


Forest Path

Travel Time Calculator

Quickly determine exactly how long it should take 8-hour daily marches while stealthing through enemy terrain to cross that 80 miles of desert. Spend less time mathing and more time knowing that mathing is not a word.

Travel Time

Mercenary Cost Calculator

Whether your party wants to hire a henchman to protect the squishy casters or an army of fodder to distract the big bad, come up with a cost easily.

Mercenary Cost

Bounty / Reward Calculator

When the rich BBEG just wants that bard dead and decides to crowdsource. Or, I guess, if your party decides to go collecting some gnoll ears.

Bounty Calculator

Other Tools

Colorful Auras

Detect Magic Auras

A handy reference guide for the magical aura colors seen through the Detect Magic spell. Keepers can even look up the auras of magic items.

Detect Magic Auras
Silhouette in Smoke

Reincarnation Tables

Have to put your soul in a new body, but want more options than the simple table in the book?

Reincarnation Table