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0.16 - 1d6 Charges After a Long Rest


  • Validates reincarnation table weights
  • Improves handling of data on login
  • Fixes error on first login for users with long name
  • Fixes error when restocking shops with Robe of Useful Items in the inventory


  • Fixes error some users experience on login
  • Reduces "pop-in" of top-of-page items


  • Fixes occasional error when generating shops with invalid dice notation
  • Fixes error occurring when store containing Robe of Useful Items is repeatedly saved
  • Various browser compatibility and UI layer
  • Upgrades back-end components
  • Fixes misc homepage layout problems
  • Replaces static merch store links with dynamic area


  • Adds links to merch store
  • Fixes unintentional horizontal scrolling on some pages
  • Migrates to new ad system
  • Further improves new account handling


  • Fixes Wind Walk bug on travel calculator
  • Fixes longstanding freezing bug on travel calculator
  • Adds improved admin analysis tools


  • Improves error checking on mercenary calculator
  • Fixes errors with some patreon data
  • Fixes errors seen by users using Roll20 links
  • Improves mobile layout on homepage
  • Add counter for Eden Project trees to header and footer
  • Improves 404 detection on spellbooks
  • Improves 404 detection on magic items


  • Fixes errors when some users log in via Patreon
  • Fixes errors when generating inventory
  • Fixes errors when viewing shop of former Keeper
  • Fixes errors when some users restock existing shops
  • Improves handling of malformed magic item URLs


  • Fixes issue with magic armor results in shop generation
  • Integration with Fantasy Name Generators (more to come here)
  • Allows markdown (and longer content) for shop & shopkeeper descriptions
  • Option to allow/prevent duplicates in generated shop inventory
  • Layout fixes for top of screen
  • Massive pile of back-end updates/upgrades
  • Updates linking options for Keepers
  • Replaced content filtering library and refined internal policies
  • Updates to icons throughout the site
  • Untranslated spellbook spells aren't selectable... because players cheat
  • Improves transparency of generator sanity checks
  • Fixes for so... many... UI bugs
  • Improves ad hiding on Keeper's shared shops and spellbooks
  • Removes broken links on furnishing
  • Code refactoring
  • Improved error handling for diagnostics
  • Sitemap improvements for SEO
  • Finally introduced a few admin tools (not exciting for anyone but me)

0.15 - Shiny Things and New Things


  • Hotfix to reduce some new errors related to Patreon changes


  • Adds gemstones to mundane options
  • Adds new races to reincarnation table generator
  • Begins back-end source changes to accommodate future plans
  • Fixes issues with reincarnated minotaur and erina
  • Adds moorbounder to travel calculator
  • Adds note suggesting new patrons log out and back in

0.14 - Bring Me Those Puppies!


  • fixes error when saving teleportation circle without a location
  • fixes error when adding a teleportation circle from the location list


  • fixes an issue with slug changes on Keeper accounts


  • fixes a bug saving price overrides


  • fixes a bug with some spellbooks showing errors when saving


  • fixes a bug with some shops showing errors when saving


  • new bounty/reward calculator
  • mercenary contract cost calculator

0.13 - Breathing New Life


  • fixes issue some users experience with login
  • fixes issue with some saved shop items not sorting by price
  • various updates


  • fixes issue with sitemap mechanism


  • New reincarnation table generator
  • Adds feature for Keepers to save reincarnation table

0.12 - We're Really Goin' Somewhere


  • Fixes bug making it hard to clear spellbook level field


  • Fixes bug preventing view of location without circle
  • Adds mundane furnishings (furniture, etc.) based on my own homebrew pricing


  • Teleporation / Arcane circle generator
  • Teleportation circle library for Keepers
  • Printable teleportation circles for Keepers
  • Connects location system to Keeper's teleportation circle library
  • Fixes bug preventing some Open Graph images from showing properly

0.11 - Check Yo Chakra


  • Re-adds form elements for setting locations for saved shops
  • Adds the rudiments of a second support tier


  • Adds detect magic aura reference
  • System to allow different aura color schemes
  • Adds detect magic lookup tool and links from saved shops for Keepers
  • Adds detail pages for individual magic items
  • Adds edit override links to saved shops for Keepers
  • Resolves bug interering with locations feature
  • Easily get to override price change from magic item detail view
  • Fixes bug causing duplicate special features indicators when adding items to shops
  • Fixes bug preventing creation of custom preset after deleting all others
  • Fixes bugs related to custom preset sorting
  • Implements tooltips on various icons/actions on saved shops
  • Adds dynamic sitemap

0.10 - Fluff Your Pillow


  • Rollback of location features made unstable by recent enhancements


  • Better exception handling for missing shopkeeper images
  • Fixes pernicious homepage typo
  • Misc refinements for new hosting environment


  • Adds CSV download feature
  • Dynamic social share / Open Graph images for shops
  • Updates to front-end and back-end libraries
  • Removes JS debug messaging on shop rendering
  • Improves shopkeeper image storage
  • Other housekeeping items

0.9 - Lemme Check in the Back


  • Resolves issues with new Keepers not being immediately recognized
  • Improvements to restock page navigation / indicators
  • Fixes bug with custom presets not showing on restock page
  • Adds "Edit Presets" link alongside Keeper presets
  • Removes now-less-reliable Fandom link options
  • Adds link to location view from each item on list
  • Fixes hidden favicon 404s on interior pages
  • More accurately displays Keeper edition on all pages


  • Unsaved changes warnings now link to save button for easy access
  • Bugfixes for custom items
  • Add mundane items to saved shops
  • Keepers can now add new random inventory for existing shops (much-requested feature)

0.8 - Legend Lore


  • Adds a new special feature called "Special Features", letting DMs save quirks, history, and other notes per item
  • Incidentally, now 10% more meta
  • Bugfixes on account page
  • Adds option to disable links on spellbooks (handy for keeping untranslated spellbooks secret)
  • Adds a new set of thematic skins
  • Improved handling of new keepers

0.7 - Rethinking the Supply Chain


  • Fixed issue with generating spellbooks with Spellweaver runes


  • Adds small info indicators and tooltips to Keeper version travel indicator
  • Fixes issues with Keeper version of travel calculator


  • Fixes issues with iOS and Internet Explorer
  • Fixes minor html formatting errors
  • Minor library updates


  • Fixes bug in travel calculator tool that prevented non-normal pace options
  • Improvements to home page to help people find tools


  • Complete overhaul of the shop inventory storage mechanism
  • Fixes several bugs surrounding shops remembering their markup
  • Fixes "undefined" bug on mundane items
  • Propagates price overrides into old shop prices

0.6 - A Little Light Reading


  • Adds links to spellbook spells
  • Improves labeling of spell level on translated spells


  • Adds homebrew option to spellbook generator to include cantrips
  • Implements better printable shops and spellbooks for DM handouts
  • Bugfixes for saving/deleting spellbooks for some Keepers
  • Cookie notice for compliance and so on


  • Spellbook Generation Tool
  • Rune/Translation system for Spellbooks
  • Misc back-end performance improvements
  • Fixes bug preventing Keepers from deleting / editing some shops
  • Added more open graph content for new tools
  • Links don't change anymore unless the name changes

0.5 - Keeping It Real


  • Fixes display problems with new slider
  • Fixes persistent 201% markup issue
  • Fixes issues with proper display of location drop-down when editing shops
  • Improves handling of returning Patreon supporters


  • New Material Design-inspired UI
  • "Keeper" login system using Patreon
  • Increases generation limits for Keepers
  • Base price override tool for Keepers
  • Customizable presets for Keepers
  • Removes ads for Keepers and anyone viewing Keeper's shops
  • New location management system
  • Adds ability to store extra data for shops (Shopkeeper name/desc/image, shop desc/location)
  • Customizable URL slug for keeper shops and visible locations
  • Our first extra tool: a Travel Time Calculator

0.4 - Think of the Children (or, rather, Players)


  • adds min/max base price option to generator form


  • adjusts the main navigation, adding icons
  • improves generator form's dice entry fields
  • allows manual entry of markup value
  • disables autocorrect/spellcheck/autosuggest and other "helpful" things on dice/item name fields
  • rarity columns now sort logically (rare before legendary), rather than alphabetically (legendary before rare)
  • bugfix: shops saving with visible html
  • bugfix: robe of useful items not always showing icon


  • view list of the current browser's saved shops
  • shiny new hamburger animation
  • introduces versioning on web assets to bust caches
  • bugfix: broken layout of preset selection on mobile

0.4.4 (thanks Big Red)

  • mundane/nonmagical options
  • sortable inventory
  • item names are colored by rarity
  • bugfix: prevents wrapping on prices alongside icon
  • bugfix: custom items with sub-1gp prices aren't marking up/down properly
  • changelog
  • exposure of version number


  • print-friendly inventory pages
  • financially-powerful spells get bumps on value (e.g. Fabricate, Wish, and Mighty Fortress)

0.4.2 (thanks CallMeHondo)

  • tooltips on sanity categories, input fields
  • rounds off larger priced items when marked up/down
  • content improvements


  • generation logs for future usage audits
  • proper generation and pricing of robe of useful items
  • add custom items to saved shops
  • unsaved changes warning


  • adds ability to SAVE shops [cue dramatic music]
  • edit shops once saved
  • add and remove items on saved shops
  • adds player-oriented "view" mode of saved shop
  • shop name suggestion
  • social sharing buttons
  • adjustments to price checker ajax to allow greater versatility

0.3 - Gears and Gizmos


  • bugfix: estimates not appearing after using presets
  • adds category / type filters, remembered per browser


  • bugfix: broken estimators with atypical dice notation entered (e.g. 1d20-19)
  • stores markup setting in local storage so DMs don't have to reset every time


  • new price checker features
  • ads... womp womp womp.
  • icon additions courtesy of fontawesome

0.2 - Tool Grows Up, Becomes Site


  • healing potion checkbox
  • branding: logo, favicon, open graph
  • faq page
  • many improvements to mobile UI
  • generator form layout improvements


  • https enforcement
  • litera bootswatch theme
  • microsite mechanisms

0.1 - Playing with Blocks


  • layout improvements
  • shop markup mechanism
  • improves count notation logic


  • data imports
  • adds dndbeyond slug
  • propagation: scrolls, rings/potions of resistance, etc.
  • basic inventory display