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Why make this?

It was useful for me. Read more.

So is this a magic shop generator, or a magic shop generator?

I don't see why it can't be both.

Why sell magic items if the DMG says you can't buy magic items?

Good thing it's a only a Dungeon Master's guide.

Why are there so many scrolls?

Because there are so many spells.

If you want less scrolls, try reducing the number of common items. For now, almost all (all but 2, if I recall correctly) of the common items are scrolls.

Is there any original work here?

Some, but not much. This is highly derivative. I don't believe in reinventing wheels. Repurposing them, however...

How did you come up with these prices?

For the most part, I stole them. You can see explanations in Saidoro's post, but here are a few factors:

  • Prices should be relative to utility.
  • Consumables are about 10% of their reusable counterparts.
  • Summoning items are based on the cost of mercenaries.

Other prices are based on some research. For example, did you know the Robe of Useful Items' iron door would weigh over 7,300 lbs.? Well, that has some distinctive raw material value even beyond its magical utility.

Similarly, certain spells can be used to generate revenue in a variety of ways, from Plant Growth helping out a farmer to Wish warping reality as only it can. So, scrolls for such things have increased costs.

What is a "Sanity Category"?

The pricing here is largely based on Saidoro's "Sane Magic Item Prices", which categorizes items (regardless of rarity) into several helpful groups (which we call Sanity Categories).

  • Consumables
  • Combat
  • Noncombat
  • Summoning
  • Gamechanging
Where is the Luck Blade, Manual of Golems, Staff of the Magi, or [insert item here]?

Some items aren't listed because sane prices can't be attributed to them, often due to Wish mechanics or similar. See the list of items Saidoro didn't include in his prices and explanations for each.

Where can I find a full list of prices?

You can refer to the original forum post for starters. If you want something really pretty to look at, Inconnunom made a polished PDF Version that looks at home alongside professional work.

Note, though, that we propagate a lot of items into their variations, which means that you'll see lots of stuff here that you won't exactly see there.

For example, Saidoro's list has a +1 Weapon, a Spell Scroll Level 2, and a Ring of Resistance.

One of my shops won't ever show those items, but you very well could see a +1 Longsword, a Scroll of Blur, and a Sapphire Ring of Resistance (Force).

Can you do a version of this for 3.5, 4E, or Pathfinder?

Probably not unless I start playing another edition and find similar resources already made.

Why do you link to D&DBeyond instead of Roll20 or [insert suggestion here]?

Because I use D&DBeyond. And first and foremost, this is a tool for me.

That said, Keepers can change this setting to point to other systems including Roll20, though some links will still point to D&DBeyond (I've reached out to Roll20 for the information I'd need to do this more completely, but they politely declined).

Will you be adding sci-fi items to the list?


Again, since this is primarily a tool for me, and I generally prefer to keep my tabletop gaming fantasy-themed... That said, you're welcome to add homebrew items to your saved shop to easily share with your players.

These prices seem way too low/high. When will you fix it?

Someone else did the legwork of pricing things. I found it far more logical than the ambiguous rules in the DMG, so it's better than nothing.

That said, different campaign settings, groups, and DMs have different tastes. Sometimes things might be cheaper. Sometimes more expensive. Just use that handy dandy "Markup" slider at the top of your results and you'll be in full control of your economy.

I have an idea / bug report. How do I send it to you?

It might already be on my to-do list. If not, unless it's a huge problem I haven't noticed, it's probably not going to happen until my existing backlog gets depleted.

Do you need help with the site?

If you are a good PHP/Laravel developer, or you're good with game mechanics and could continue Saidoro's work, then maybe. Either way, or if you can offer other help, visit the To-Do page for more info.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."