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Love the Site?

It's been really exciting to see how much people have appreciated this tool. What started as just a little utility for me has become a valuable asset for DMs everywhere.

I don't think I'm done quite yet, though. We've got a lot of ideas for new stuff including original content and more, but I can only afford to invest so much time into things like that. I'd love for that to change, though.

And so, we've set up a Patreon which will get you access to the Keeper Edition of the site, which adds a few new bells and whistles around this tool you already know and love. That will allow me to continue invest time (and money) into the site and our future ideas.

What's in it for you?

There are a few perks for Keepers:

  • No Ads (including player shop view)
  • Practically remove the 10-items-per-rarity generation limit (100 instead)
  • Don't like prices? Override the base price of almost any magic item
  • Custom URL "slug" for shops and locations
  • Access your saved shops from any browser
  • Add extra details to shops (location, description, shopkeeper name, shopkeeper description, shopkeeper image)
  • Shops never expire, but you can delete them any time you want
  • Per-shop markup remembered between edits
  • Expanded list of special features (origin, history, quirks, minor properties) for magic items
  • Restock saved shops using generator form
  • Custom presets for form generators
  • Save, organize, and easily print teleportation circles
  • Much more powerful travel time calculator
  • Extra rune options on spellbook generator
  • Extra options on bounty/reward, mercenary cost calculator
  • Choose from over 12 site-wide color schemes
  • Quickly look up detect magic auras of magic items
  • Save and share their own custom reincarnation table
  • I'll actually pay attention to your suggestions / ideas

Partners, or Keepers who have supported at a higher level, have their own perks, too:

  • The header says "Partner" instead of "Keeper".
  • Monthly coupon codes for the Merch Store
  • (if good aligned) A warm, fuzzy feeling that you helped more.
  • (if not good aligned) A smug sense of superiority over those who didn't help as much.
  • Yeah, there's not much here yet. Still, it's appreciated.

What's in it for stinklikeonion?

On a super practical level, I get help paying for hosting/promoting the site.

Plus, it gives me a little money to invest in my own games, which invariably inspire more ideas for the site. But that's all short term.

If we hit our Patreon goals, I want to offer an additional tiers with the exciting new content... [/ambiguous prophecy]

So how do you become a Keeper?

It's pretty straightforward. You'll log in to the site with Patreon. If you don't have an account yet, just click the button below and create one.